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Crop of Flowers


We are an industrial hemp trimming machine manufacturer. We also offer Mobile trimming and sorting services. Trim Cube machines increase profit by allowing Hemp Farmers and Processors to bring a higher quality and quantity of their flower crop to market faster. By reducing the negative financial risks associated with product storage such as age and/or degradation, this enables our customers to create and utilize more real capital in the same harvest year.  

Trim Cube machines:
• Reduce operating costs
• Decrease processing time

• Increase overall yield
• Increase yield quality
• Minimize downtime

• Reduce maintenance costs

Our mobile trimming services, if needed, are priced per pound of input weight. We perform them at your facility and require at least 250 square feet of space. An indoor space is prefered. Prices also include trimming and sorting of your dried and bucked flower into two (2) different sizes. 

Please contact us in order to discuss details specific to your needs.

Thank you

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